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Malaysia Adventure

Need a Malaysia Adventure? You are at the right place. Having a vast natural resources and huge land have enabled Malaysia to grow strong economically. Though Malaysia has developed to become one of the giants of developing countries, many of her coastal estuaries, rivers and virgin jungles still remain unspoilt. I am sure you are able to find fascinating things to see and do during your stay in this beautiful tropical country of Malaysia. Some of the activities that you can do are...

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/kuala-gandah-elephant-sanctuary.html)
Go for a fun time and learn more about the conservation effort of this endangered animals at the National Elephant Conservation Centre.

Gua Tempurung (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/guatempurung.html)
Explore the largest limestones cave in Peninsular Malaysia. This cave is located in Gopeng, about 25km away from Ipoh, the capital city of Perak.

Taiping Zoo (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/taipingzoo.html)
See the many animals in this 34 acres zoo at the foot hill of Bukit Larut, Taiping. Reputed to be one of the oldest and the best zoo in Malaysia.

Garama River Cruise (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/borneoadventure.html)
Cruise along Garama River in Borneo, Sabah and see the endangered long nosed Proboscis Monkey in the wetlands of Sabah.

Lumut Mangrove Swamp (http://malaysiavacationguide.com/mangroveswamp.html)
If you are on your way to Pangkor Island or to Lumut, you will pass this place. Stop by for 30 minutes and take a brisk walk along the newly built raised platform where you can see the creatures that live in the wetlands. You will probably be able to see some monkeys as well.

Kite Flying at Kepong Metropolitan Park (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/kiteflying.html)
Take some time off and fly kites at Kepong Metropolitan Park, a 30 minutes drive away from the city of Kuala Lumpur. Other facilities here include a huge lake, jogging and cycling tracks, toilets, observation tower and parking bays.

Kuala Selangor Fireflies Park (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/firefly.html)
(http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/malaysia-adventure.html#) along Kuala Selangor river and watch the many thousands of flashing fireflies on mangrove trees ("berembang"). A good evening outing for the entire family.

Kuala Selangor Malawati Hill (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/malawatihill.html)
See the panoramic view of the Straits of Malacca, feed the monkeys (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/malaysia-adventure.html#), the century old light house, take pictures of cannons and 200 year old angsana trees.

Kuantan River Cruise (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/kuantan.html)
Cruise along Kuantan River at the capital of Pahang and enjoy the modern skyscrapers, the mangrove swamp and the fishemen village. Night cruise is available too.

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Kuala Lumpur Tourist Attractions


Kuala Lumpur Tourist Attractions
As the capital of Malaysia (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/kuala-lumpur-tourist-attractions.html#), Kuala Lumpur has developed into a self contained city where one gets to enjoy the modern amenities (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/kuala-lumpur-tourist-attractions.html#) and a better quality of life. In the midst of the business of city life, there are many tourist attractions and events that help one to unwind after a long days work. Many prefer to come during the weekends (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/kuala-lumpur-tourist-attractions.html#) with their families just to enjoy the many attractions that are available in the city.
Some of the attractions are the Aquaria KLCC, where one gets to enjoy the aquatic life without having to leave the city. It is located at the basement of Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. There is also Petrosains, a discovery centre in Kuala Lumpur City Centre. National Planetarium with its wide screen cinema and other exhibits helps on to discover the field of astronomy. Details of the Kuala Lumpur tourist attractions can be found in the following links.

Aquaria KLCC (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/aquariumklcc.html)
Located within 5 minutes walking distance from Suria KLCC, this aquarium in the city features over 5,000 animals of 150 species of aquatic and land animals from Malaysia and around the world.

Galeri Petronas (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/galeripetronas.html)
If you are into art, come and visit Galeri Petronas at Level 3, Suria KLCC where exhibits of different themes and issues in Art and contemporary Malaysian society are featured here.

National Art Gallery (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/national-art-gallery.html)
See the exhibits of paintings, sculptures and other artistic work by artists from Malaysia and overseas on this premier art gallery in Kuala Lumpur.

National Library (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/National-Library.html)
Visit the "tengkolok" shape National Library located at Jalan Tun Razak. Many educational resources and books are available here.

National Planetarium (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/nationalplanetarium.html)
Visit the Kuala Lumpur National Planetarium near Lake Gardens and see the exhibits on space exploration and asronomy. Remember to schedule some time to see the planetarium show.

National Science Centre (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/national-science-center.html)
Visit this centre and explore the world of science and technology with your entire family. You will enjoy it.

Petrosains Discovery Centre (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/petrosains.html)
Discover science with your five senses at Petrosains Suria Kuala Lumpur City Centre. This interactive science discovery centre will be a thrilling experience for the entire family.

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Sungkai Hot Spring (http://www.travelinmalaysia.com/miscellaneous/sungkai-hot-spring/)

Sungai Klah hot spring or better known as Sungkai hot spring is located in a felda in Sungkai. It might sounds hidden but in fact, you should be able to find it easily by following the sign along the way. If you are using North South Expressway, exit at Sungkai and follow the trunk road heading to Kuala Lumpur direction. Search for the hot spring sign and take a left turn into the felda estate. After that, follow the sign all the way until you reach the hot spring park.
Entrance fees for adult is RM10 while RM8 for child. The park are mainly divided into two different sections which are the hot spring and the cold mountain pool. At the hot spring section, there is a large hot spring pool, water reflexology, thereupatic park and others. On the other side, you can expect the refreshing mountain spring water.
Food are not allowed in the park, but there is a food court at the center of the park. You can also get some eggs from the stall and boil at the ‘egg boiling section’. It could be a good experience to boil an egg without gas.
If you are planning to stay here, you have to book in advance, since there are only 5 villas available http://www.travelinmalaysia.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif
For booking and reservation, here is the contact details:
Address: Sungai Klah Hot Springs Park, 36000 Sungkai, Perak.
Tel: +605-438 8801 / +603-2697 9772
Operating hours: 8am – 10pm daily

http://www.travelinmalaysia.com/wp-content/images/sungkai-hot-spring/sungkai-hot-spring-01.gif (http://www.travelinmalaysia.com/wp-content/images/sungkai-hot-spring/sungkai-hot-spring-01.jpg)
http://www.travelinmalaysia.com/wp-content/images/sungkai-hot-spring/sungkai-hot-spring-02.gif (http://www.travelinmalaysia.com/wp-content/images/sungkai-hot-spring/sungkai-hot-spring-02.jpg)
http://www.travelinmalaysia.com/wp-content/images/sungkai-hot-spring/sungkai-hot-spring-03.gif (http://www.travelinmalaysia.com/wp-content/images/sungkai-hot-spring/sungkai-hot-spring-03.jpg)
http://www.travelinmalaysia.com/wp-content/images/sungkai-hot-spring/sungkai-hot-spring-04.gif (http://www.travelinmalaysia.com/wp-content/images/sungkai-hot-spring/sungkai-hot-spring-04.jpg)
http://www.travelinmalaysia.com/wp-content/images/sungkai-hot-spring/sungkai-hot-spring-05.gif (http://www.travelinmalaysia.com/wp-content/images/sungkai-hot-spring/sungkai-hot-spring-05.jpg)
http://www.travelinmalaysia.com/wp-content/images/sungkai-hot-spring/sungkai-hot-spring-06.gif (http://www.travelinmalaysia.com/wp-content/images/sungkai-hot-spring/sungkai-hot-spring-06.jpg)
http://www.travelinmalaysia.com/wp-content/images/sungkai-hot-spring/sungkai-hot-spring-07.gif (http://www.travelinmalaysia.com/wp-content/images/sungkai-hot-spring/sungkai-hot-spring-07.jpg)
http://www.travelinmalaysia.com/wp-content/images/sungkai-hot-spring/sungkai-hot-spring-08.gif (http://www.travelinmalaysia.com/wp-content/images/sungkai-hot-spring/sungkai-hot-spring-08.jpg)
http://www.travelinmalaysia.com/wp-content/images/sungkai-hot-spring/sungkai-hot-spring-09.gif (http://www.travelinmalaysia.com/wp-content/images/sungkai-hot-spring/sungkai-hot-spring-09.jpg)
http://www.travelinmalaysia.com/wp-content/images/sungkai-hot-spring/sungkai-hot-spring-11.gif (http://www.travelinmalaysia.com/wp-content/images/sungkai-hot-spring/sungkai-hot-spring-11.jpg)
http://www.travelinmalaysia.com/wp-content/images/sungkai-hot-spring/sungkai-hot-spring-12.gif (http://www.travelinmalaysia.com/wp-content/images/sungkai-hot-spring/sungkai-hot-spring-12.jpg)

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Malaysian Beaches


Malaysian Beaches

In general, Malaysia has a tropical climate with temperatures ranging from 21 C to 32 C. This sunny country has many beautiful islands and beaches that one can enjoy. Langkawi Island, a duty free island is located to the north west of the country. The west coast of Peninsular Malaysia also boasts many beautiful islands such as Penang Island, Pangkor Island, Payar Island.. The west coast of Peninsular Malaysia is shielded from the strong wind of the Straits of Malacca by the island of Sumatra hence you can visit the islands anytime of the year.

http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/images/malaysianbeaches.jpg The island view
from Lumut Waterfront

The Malaysian beaches on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia has many unspoilt beautiful islands such as Tioman Island (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/pulautioman.html) , Redang Island, (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/pulauredang.html) Perhentian Island, (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/pulau-perhentian.html) Pulau Lang Tengah (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/pulau-lang-tengah.html) and Kapas Island. (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/pulau-kapas.html) As this part of Malaysia (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/malaysianbeaches.html#) faces the South China (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/malaysianbeaches.html#) Sea, it is not advisable to visit these islands for sea activities during the Monsoon Season from November to March as the waves can be quite strong during this time. The island of Borneo is where Sabah and Sarawak are located. Islands such as Turtle Islands, Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/tunku-abdul-rahman-marine-park.html) , Pulau Tiga, Layang Layang Island, Labuan Island, and the world renown Sipadan Island (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/sipadanisland.html) are located here.
A writeup of other islands and Malaysian beaches are as follow.

Batu Burok Beach (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/batu-buruk-beach.html)
Batu Burok Beach is just 1km away from Kuala Terengganu where you can take an evening stroll and enjoy the food at the food stalls. Try the fried ice cream and keropok lekor here.

Beserah Beach (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/beserah.html)
Take a look at the life of the fishermen in Beserah, Pahang. Water buffaloes are used to pull the catch of the day to the market.

Cherating Beach (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/cherating.html)
Cherating is one of the most visited beach in Pahang. Club Med is located here as well as the Cherating Turtle Sanctuary. (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/turtle-sanctuary.html)

Kemasik Beach (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/kemasik.html)
This coastal beach is located between Kijal and Kerteh town in Terengganu. Good place to take some pictures as there are nice formation of huge rocks here.

Langkawi Island (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/pulaulangkawi.html)
Langkawi Island is a free duty island and one of the most developed island in Malaysia. There are many beautiful beaches and Langkawi hotels (http://www.wotif.com/hotels/malaysia-langkawi-hotels.html) of international standards here.

Pangkor Island (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/pangkorisland.html)
Pangkor island is located off the west coast of the state of Perak. One can see the long stretches of golden beaches in many parts of the island and the popular ones are Pasir Bogak Beach, Golden Sands Beach or Pantai Puteri Dewi and Teluk Nipah. You will pass the town of Lumut (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/lumut.html) where you will take a speed boat to the island.

Penang Island (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/penangbeaches.html)
Known also as Pearl Of The Orient, Penang Island is a must for those who have not been there. Popular beaches here are Batu Ferringhi, Teluk Bahang and Tanjung Bungah.

Port Dickson (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/portdickson.html)
Located approximately 75 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur, this is the nearest popular beach for city dwellers to spend their weekend (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/malaysianbeaches.html#) here.

Pulau Payar Marine Park (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/pulaupayar.html)
This marine park is about an hour away by speed boat from Kuah Jetty, Langkawi Island. Do your snorkelling, swimming and diving here.

Teluk Batik Beach (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/telukbatik.html)
If you are somewhere near Lumut or Sitiawan, take a comfortable drive to Teluk Batik beach and enjoy the sea and its golden sandy beach.

Teluk Chempedak Beach (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/teluk-chempedak.html)
This beach is located approximately 5km away from Kuantan, Pahang in the east coast. This beach is located within the vicinity of major Pahang hotels (http://www.wotif.com/hotels/malaysia-pahang-hotels.html) in Kuantan.

Teluk Rubiah Beach (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/teluk-rubiah.html)
Teluk Rubiah is a private beach in Seri Manjung. You can drop by to visit the resort if you are somewhere in Lumut or Sitiawan.

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Malaysia Theme
Park Resorts


There are a few theme park resorts in Malaysia that you can go for a time of fun with your family. Many of these resorts are equipped with modern facilities and built-in safety features that will make your time a memorable and an enjoyable one. There are many activities that you can do over here. Depending on which theme parks you go to, some of them have family friendly fun rides, thrilling roller coaster ride, train ride (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/themeparkresorts.html#), musical fountain show, snow house, live show, water based theme park etc.

Cosmo's World Theme Park Resorts
If you are in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, you may want to go to Cosmo's World Theme Park at Berjaya Times Square (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/berjaya-times-square.html) building. Located on the 5th, 7th and 8th Floors, this is the region's biggest indoor theme park that boasts an area of 380,000 square feet. There are many thrilling and family-friendly rides that cater for children as well as adults. For the adult who want to experience an indoor roller coaster challenge, try the 800m long Supersonic Odyssey, the world's longest indoor roller coaster.
The opening hour is 10am to 10pm daily with children's ticket priced at RM15 and RM25 for adults.

http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/images/timessquarethemepark.jpg The entrance to the Cosmo's World Theme Park at Berjaya Times Square

http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/images/themepark.jpg The huge and modern facilities for a day of fun and enjoyment with your family

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Sungai Klah Hot Springs Park


Sungai Klah Hot Springs Park
If you are looking for a unique holiday (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/hotsprings.html#) with your family, try this park and you will be fascinated with the facilities provided here. This place was built at a cost of RM6 million and was opened in December 2003. It is reputed to be one of the best managed hot spring in Malaysia and is located 200 feet above the sea level at the foothill of the Titiwangsa Range, the backbone range of Peninsular Malaysia. Once you arrive here, you will be amazed by the lush greeneries, hills, streams and rivers that abounds in the vicinity.
The hot spring is one of the other alternative to modern day spa centres. Spas have become one of the attractions in many hotels and resorts in this region. Many believed that the natural springs have healing properties that will help to heal and detoxify toxic from your body. Those with stiff muscleshttp://kona.kontera.com/javascript/lib/imgs/grey_loader.gif
(http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/hotsprings.html#), stiff joints, rheumatism, spinal injuries (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/hotsprings.html#), insomnia and skin related problems should consider soaking themselves here.

http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/images/sgklahhotspring.jpg The big hot spring pool that gets its source of heat from the underground

http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/images/sgklahmountainspringpool.jpg The big pool that gets its source of cool water from the mountain spring

Private Jacuzzi If you and your family prefer to have the privacy of soaking in a private atmosphere instead of joining the crowd at the big pool, try the normal or the superior private jacuzzi. You will need to pay RM75/hour for a standard type and RM125/hour for the superior type. Remember to book early to avoid disappointment, especially during the weekends.

http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/images/privatespa.jpg One of the nicely built private pool at the hot springs

Egg Boiling Activity
Families will enjoy the egg-boiling activity at this place. The water temperature at this area can go up to 100 &degC and baskets are provided for those who want to enjoy this activity. The reading of the water (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/hotsprings.html#) temperature can be seen by the thermometer that are placed here. As the water temperature can scald your skin, remember to take care of your children and warn them about the danger of the hot water.

http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/images/hotspringeggboiling.jpg Another attraction is the egg boiling activity here. Children will enjoy it.

Water Reflexology
Walk barefoot along the hot stream of water that is covered with stones. This is part of the water reflexology that was built to enable visitor to enjoy this facility. Some said that if you are able to walk without feeling much pain on the sole of your feet, it means that you are healthy.

http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/images/sgklahwaterreflexology.jpg The water reflexology where stones and hot water are combined to have maximum effort of the theraphy

Board Walk
The natural hot springs board walk will lead you to the heat source of the water that comes bubbling out from the ground. Here, at the platform that is built over the springs, you will be able to experience the radiated heat from the water. The temperature range from 60 C to 101 C. Clouds of steam that surround the greeneries is a good sight to see especially during the night when the spot lights are activated.

Other Facilities
In making this place an even more attractive tourist spot, there is a big cafeteria that offers a variety of food and drinks. Get some souvenir from the souvenir shop nearby. If you are into burgers, try the local burgers that are sold at the stalls nearby. Toilets and shower facilities are also provided here. If you need further massage, try the traditional massage that are available during the weekends.

http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/images/hotpool.jpg Dip your tired feet into this hot pool with temperature that range from 35 C
to 38 C

If you would like to stay here for a night or two, there are 5 villas that are available for you to book. Villa A type consists of 2 rooms and costs RM600/night during weekdays and RM800/night during weekend (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/hotsprings.html#), school holidays and public holidays. Villa B type consists of 1 room and costs RM450/night during weekdays and RM600/night during weekend, school holidays and public holidays.

http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/images/sgklahvillas.jpg The villas that you can opt to stay

Getting Here and Entrance Fees
Sungai Klah is located 10km away from the town of Sungkai in Perak. Whether you are coming from the North or the South of Peninsular Malaysia, get to the nearest PLUS Highway and head for Sungkai toll exit. The journey from Kuala Lumpur to Sungkai is approximately 70 minutes. After the exit, turn left at the junction. Travel 1km along the trunk road and turn left. Follow the signage to Sg. Klah Hot Springs Park and you will pass Sungai Klah FELDA village before reaching here.

Operating hours: 8am - 10pm daily
Entrance Fee: RM10/adult and RM8/child

Sungai Klah Hot Springs Park
36000 Sungkai

For reservation of private pool or more information, call
Tel: +6 05 438 8801 or +6 03 2697 9772

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Kuala Lumpur Landmarks

History Of Kuala Lumpur Landmarks
Kuala Lumpur in the Malay language means Muddy Estuary and was founded in 1857 by the tin miners. As the mining and trading of tin prospered, the town began to develop and since then Kuala Lumpur landmarks have constantly being changed to cater for the growing needs of the city folks. The city was declared a Federal Capital on February 1 1974 and since then the first day of February has always been a holidays (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/kualalumpurlandmarks.html#) for the city dwellers.
Despite the fast pace development of the city, Kuala Lumpur has been able to balance the demands of land for developement. The historical site such as the Sultan Abdul Samad building has being kept and preserved as a national heritage. Greeneries are also planned in the city with potted plants, flowers and green trees co exist together with the modern skyscrapers.
http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/images/kualalumpurlandmarks.jpg Part of Kuala Lumpur City

For those who need a break from the hectic pace of the city, there are the KL Lake Gardens, KL Butterfly Park, KL Deer Park, Orchid and Hibiscus Gardens and KL Bird Park for you to explore and break free from the routine of working life.
Find out in greater details the various Kuala Lumpur Landmarks and beyond from the links below..

Dataran Merdeka (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/dataran-merdeka.html)
Visit this historical Independence Square of Malaysia. It is located in front of Sultan Abdul Samad Building.

Kuala Lumpur Tower (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/kualalumpurtower.html)
Go up the fifth tallest tower in the world at 421 metres and see the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur. Dine at the revolving restaurant while enjoying the city life..

Jamek Mosque (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/masjidjamek.html)
The century old Masjid Jamek is the oldest mosque in Kuala Lumpur with a Moghul style architecture designed by A.B. Hubback.

Petronas Twin Towers (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/petronastowers.html)
It has a height of 451.9 m and each tower has a total of 88 floors serviced by 78 high speed elevators. One will be able to observe that the structure is made from steel and glass and is a stark constrast to many other high tower buildings in the city.

Sultan Abdul Samad Moorish Architecture (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/sultanabdulsamadbuilding.html)
See this old heritage building in Kuala Lumpur built in the year 1897. It is located in front of Merdeka Square.

Kuala Lumpur Railway Station (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/kuala-lumpur-railway-station.html)
See this Moorish architecture building in Kuala Lumpur built in the year 1910.

Royal Selangor Club (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/royalselangorclub.html)
The Royal Selangor Club near Merdeka Square was founded in 1884. Today, it still remains as one of the mock-Tudor style architecture that attracts many visitors who came to Merdeka Square.

Beyond the city of Kuala Lumpur, you will be able to see other landmarks...

Cyberjaya (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/cyberjaya.html)
Cyberjaya is the modern intelligent city of Malaysia which is located to the west of Putrajaya. There is a big park that one can go to for recreation. Many multi-national companies have re-locate their operation here.

Putrajaya (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/putrajaya.html)
If you are in Malaysia (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/kualalumpurlandmarks.html#), drop by and visit this ultra modern city of Putrajaya, the new Federal Government Administrative Centre.

Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/leaningtower.html)
Visit the 1885 leaning tower of Teluk Intan in the state of Perak. It is 25.5m tall and made of bricks and wood.

The Blue Mosque of Shah Alam (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/bluemosque.html)
The Blue Mosque of Shah Alam is one of the biggest in South East Asia with minarets up to a height of 142.3m.

Historical Royal Town of Jugra (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/jugra.html)
Located about 80km from Klang, you will be able to see Bandar Palace and Sultan Alaeddin Mosque, built in 1905 and 1935 respectively.

Kuala Terengganu (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/kuala-terengganu.html)
This capital city of Terengganu has many places of attractions such as Pasar Payang, Floating Mosque, Chinatown, State Museum and is the gateway to islands of Redang, Perhentian and Lang Tengah.

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Kuala Lumpur Shopping


Kuala Lumpur shopping is a must for all visitors. If you are planning to visit Malaysia for shopping purpose, try to plan your visit to coincide with the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival. The mid year Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival is usually held from July to September. It is now on from 24 July 2010 to 16 Sept 2010. Most shopping complexes offer great discounts (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/kualalumpurshopping.html#) up to 75% during this time of the year.
The Malaysia (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/kualalumpurshopping.html#) Year End Sale is usually held at the end of December.

Enjoy your Kuala Lumpur shopping experience...
Even if you are not able to make it during this time of the year, there are still plenty of sales going on in various shopping complexes throughout the country. The different is that, it is not a nation wide event.

Some of the Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Klang shopping center alternatives are :

Aeon Bukit Tinggi Klang (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/aeon-bukit-tinggi.html)
This new shopping mall opened in November 2007 and is located by the road to Banting in Klang. There are over 160 retail outlets here.

Ain Arabia or Arab Street (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/ain-arabia.html)
This is the place in Kuala Lumpur where Arabs and visitors come to savour Middle Eastern cuisine as well as getting groceries such as nuts, dates, sweets, olive oil and other products from Middle East.

Amcorp Mall (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/amcorp-mall.html)
This mall is located just 2 minutes walk from Taman Jaya LRT Station. Flea market during the weekends (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/kualalumpurshopping.html#) is one of the main attractions here. You will be able to find antiques and collectibles here.

Bukit Bintang (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/bukitbintang.html)
Bukit Bintang area in Kuala Lumpur is one of the oldest and popular shopping haven for all visitors. Starhill Gallery, an upmarket shopping mall with goods designed by some of the world renowned designers are sold here.

Berjaya Times Square (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/berjaya-times-square.html)
Shopping, dining, theme parks (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/kualalumpurshopping.html#), bowling, cinemas, IMAX are available in this shopping mall. It is indeed a one stop centre for your convenienced.

Central Market (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/centralmarket.html)
An interesting Kuala Lumpur shopping experience. Get your arts and crafts souvenir of Malaysia here. Central Market is located in Kuala Lumpur and is one of the heritage building that has been adapted for a different use.

Centrepoint Bandar Utama (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/centrepoint.html)
Centrepoint in Bandar Utama is a medium size shopping mall that is not so crowded compared to 1 Utama in the vicinity. Retail outlets include hair saloons, a christian bookstore, eateries, fitness network, Manhattan Fish, Starbuck Cafe..

Chinatown Kuala Lumpur (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/ChinatownKualaLumpur.html)
Not to be forgotten is Chinatown Kuala Lumpur where the open air bazaar offers visitors with a varieties of food and night life experience after all the major shopping complexes have closed for the day.

Digital Mall, Petaling Jaya (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/digitalmall.html)
Visit the 4-storey mall in Petaling Jaya that offers IT-related products, handphones and electrical products.

1 Utama Shopping Center (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/1utama.html)
1 utama shopping center is one of Malaysia's top shopping destination (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/kualalumpurshopping.html#) and is located in the city of Petaling Jaya. This shopping center is about 20 minutes drive from the city of Kuala Lumpur. It has 6 retail floors with a total area of 5 million square feet.

IOI Mall Puchong (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/ioi.html)
IOI Mall in Puchong has all the facilities of a typical shopping mall. Jaya Jusco, a bowling centre, POPULAR book store and GSC cinema are all located here.

Ikano Power Centre (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/ikano.html)
Ikano Power Centre in Mutiara Damansara is one of the most visited shopping centre in Petaling Jaya. It is located within walking distance of Cineleisure Damansara, IKEA, TESCO, The Curve and The Royale Bintang Damansara Hotel.

Mid Valley Megamall (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/mid-valley-megamall.html)
Mid Valley Megamall is one of the biggest mall in Kuala Lumpur. You can find almost everything that you need here.


Mines Shopping Fair (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/mines-shopping-fair.html)
The Mines Shopping Fair is "The World's Only Shopping Mall That You Can Cruise Into". Enjoy your shopping and take a break by cruising with your family at the North and/or South Lakes here.

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/pavilion-kl.html)
Pavilion KL is the latest and modern shopping experience that is set to rival Tokyo's Ginza and New York's (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/kualalumpurshopping.html#) 5th Avenue. Located at Bukit Bintang, this latest retail centre was opened to the public on Sept 20, 2007.

Subang Parade (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/subangparade.html)
Subang Parade in Subang Jaya has been one of the main shopping complex for more than 20 years. It was recently refurbished and its main tenants are Parkson, Digital One, Cold Storage, HSL, MPH, Toys 'R' Us and Celebrity Fitness.


Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/sunway-pyramid.html)
Experience shopping in this Egyptian themed shopping mall. The newly expanded section is now opened. A total of 800 retail outlets is expected to be fully operation soon.

Suria KLCC (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/klccsuria.html)
Suria KLCC is one of the premier shopping centre in Malaysia. It is a must for those who want to get the latest fashion or gadgets in the market.

the Curve (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/thecurve.html)
the Curve in Mutiara Damansara is a modern 3-storey shopping mall which houses a varieties of goods and food outlets. It is located within walking distance of Ikano Power Centre, Tesco, Cineleisure Damansara and IKEA Home Furnishings.

The Mall (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/themall.html)
This Kuala Lumpur shopping mall is located just opposite PWTC and Pan Pacific Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Legend Kuala Lumpur is located just behind this mall.

Tropicana City Mall (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/tropicana-city-mall.html)
This mall near SS2 and Damansara Utama was opened to the public end of Dec 2008. Major food, entertainment and shopping retail outlets can be found here.

05-08-10, 03:00 AM
Malaysia History

Malaysia History
Malaysia History has been influenced to a great extent by outside influence of Hindu Kingdoms, the arrival of Islam in the 10th century, the intrusion of European colonial power, the Japanese occupation during World War Two and the establishment of a multi racial Federation of Malaya in 1957.
The Hindu Kingdoms ruled the Malays world from 100 BC to 1400 AD and reached its peak in the Srivijaya civilisation based in Sumatra. During this time, Hindu culture were imported from India and archaelogical findings in Bujang Valley in the state of Kedah showed that there were ruins of an ancient Hindu Kingdom dating back to the year 300 AD. You will be able to see some of the relics on display at Bujang Valley Archaeological Museum.

http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/images/sultanabdulsamadarchitecture.jpg The Historical Sultan Abdul Samad Building opposite Merdeka Square in Kuala Lumpur

The arrival of Islam in the 10th century led to the conversion of the Malay and Indonesian world. It reached its golden era from 1400 AD to 1511 AD during the reign of the sultanates in Malacca. Islamic culture and trading of goods prospered during this time.
The European colonial powers came into this region to conquer the land for its rich spices, minerals and as army posts in South East Asia. The Portuguese captured Malacca in 1511 followed by the Dutch and finally the British. During the time of British reign, many Chinese and Indians were brought from Southern China (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/malaysiahistory.html#) and Southern India to work in the tin mines and rubber plantation.

http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/images/portugueseadmiral.jpg The Portuguese Admiral Alfonso De Albuquerque on the right during the conquered of Malacca


Then came World War Two and the Japanese occupied Malaya from 1942 to 1945. After World War Two, the British resumed their control of the country. After a series of diplomacy and discussion between the leaders of the country and the British, the multi racial Federation of Malaya was established in 1957.
In 1963, Malaya became Malaysia with the joining of Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/malaysiahistory.html#) as part of Malaysia. However, Singapore separated from Malaysia in 1965.
Malaysia since 1970 has been ruled by the National Front Coalition consisting of parties that represent the Malays, the Chinese and the Indians communities.
Since than, Malaysia has prospered economically and has become one of the most developed contry in South East Asia.

Malaysia History
The National Museum (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/nationalmuseum.html) near KL Sentral is a good place to start with to discover the history of Malaysia (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/malaysiahistory.html#).
Within the compound of the National Museum is Malaysian Maritime Archaeology Exhibition (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/maritime-archaeology.html) where artifacts from shipwrecks dating back to the 14th century is exhibited.
Another place where you can go and see Malaysia history is The National History Museum Building which was first opened to the public in 1996. It is located beside Merdeka Square in Kuala Lumpur. The building was originally built from bricks and wood and was used by Chartered Bank of India (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/malaysiahistory.html#), Australia and China. It was the first bank to operate in Kuala Lumpur.

http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/images/nationalhistorymuseum.jpg The National History
Museum Building

The building was then rebuilt with the influence of Moorish and Islamic architecture. It was used by the Japanese as a telecommunication base during world war two. After the war, it was used as a commercial bank until the year 1965 when it was used by various governmental departments. In 1991, it was handed over to Department of Museums and Antiquities to be used as the National History Museum.
The museum is opened from 9:00am to 6:00pm daily. Admission fee is only RM1.

Address: 29, Jalan Raja, 50050 Kuala Lumpur.
Further information can be obtained by contacting +6 03 2694 4590.

http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/images/museumexhibits.jpg The items on display
in the Museum

Related places to visit on the history of Malaysia, numismatic museums, memorial parks and monuments.

Armed Forces Museum (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/armed-forces-museum.html)
If you are in Kuala Lumpur, you may want to consider visiting this museum which shows the contributions of the armed forces during World War Two, the battle with the communists,..

Asian Art Museum (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/asian-art-museum.html)
See the collection of 6,000 artifacts from Malaysia, China and other Asian countries in this museum which is located at the main campus of the University of Malaya.

Islamic Arts Museum (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/islamicarts.html)
Located near the National Mosque in Kuala Lumpur, the Islamic Arts Museum feature many themed galleries such as the Islamic manuscripts, ceramics, metalwork and replicas of Taj Mahal and Masjid Al-Haram Mosque.

Malacca (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/malaccavacation.html)
Malaysia history knowledge is not complete without visiting the historical state of Malacca and see the many heritage buildings left behind by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British. Make sure you try the Nyonya and Portuguese cuisines as well.

National Monument (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/nationalmonument.html)
Visit the National Monument in the vicinity of Lake Gardens in Kuala Lumpur that was built to remember the soldiers who gave their lives to defend the sovereignty of the nation.

Millenium Monument Malaysia History (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/milleniummonument.html)
Drop by Millenium Monument in Putrajaya and discover the history of Malaysia as you walk up the tall hibiscus shape structure in Precinct 2, directly opposite NRD.

Maybank Numismatic Museum (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/numismatic.html)
See the many collections of coins, bank notes and other ancient currencies that were being used in Malaysia from the time of the Melaka Sultanate. Other ASEAN countries currencies are also exhibited here.

Money Museum Bank Negara Malaysia (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/moneymuseum.html)
Discover the types, shapes and the colours of currency used in the olden days. Head to Bank Negara Money Museum in the city of Kuala Lumpur and appreciate the collection of numismatic from Malaysia and the world.

Petaling Jaya Museum (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/petalingjaya.html)
Learn the history and origin of the city of Petaling Jaya at this single storey museum.

Police Museum (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/policemuseum.html)
The Royal Malaysia Police Museum is situated in the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens opposite the National Planetarium. It shows the Malaysia history of Royal Malaysia Police and admission is free.

Sultan Alam Shah Museum (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/sultan-alam-shah-museum.html)
Visit the Selangor State Museum located in the city of Shah Alam, approximately 45 minutes drive away from Kuala Lumpur. Admission is free.

Telecommunication Museum (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/malaysiatelecommunication.html)
Located along Jalan Raja Chulan in the city centre of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Telecommunication Museum is also known as Muzium Telekom in the local language. It is the first interactive museum in Malaysia where a chronological events of the nation's telecommunication history are re-enacted.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Memorial (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/Tunku-Abdul-Rahman.html)
Visit the exhibition at Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Memorial in Kuala Lumpur and see the many contributions that Malaysia's First Prime Minister have done for the nation.

Tun Abdul Razak Memorial (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/tun-abdul-razak.html)
Visit the Tun Abdul Razak Memorial at Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens and see the many contributions that Malaysia's Second Prime Minister have done for the nation.

Tun Hussein Onn Memorial (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/Tun-Hussein-Onn.html)
Visit the exhibition at Tun Hussein Onn Memorial and see the many contributions that Malaysia's Third Prime Minister have done for the nation.

Terengganu State Museum (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/terengganu-state-museum.html)
If you are in the state of Terengganu at the East Coast of Malaysia, remember to drop by Terengganu State Museum and learn more about Malaysia History here.

Kellie's Castle (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/kellies-castle.html)
Over at the north of Peninsular Malaysia, see the ruin of an uncompleted mansion in Batu Gajah, 30 km away for Ipoh, Perak.

Perak Museum (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/perak-museum.html)
If you are in Taiping, make it a point to visit the oldest museum in Malaysia built over 125 years ago.


05-08-10, 03:01 AM
Malaysia Map


Malaysia Map The Malaysia Map below shows the geographical location of this nation with respect to her neighbouring countries. The North of Peninsular Malaysia is the nation of Thailand (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/malaysiamap.html#) and to the South is the nation of Singapore (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/malaysiamap.html#). East Malaysia consists of the states of Sabah and Sarawak on the island of Borneo. The oil rich nation of Brunei borders the state of Sarawak. Kalimantan of Indonesia is located to the south of this two states.


Some facts on Malaysia..


Equatorial Climate with temperature ranging from 21 C to 31 C in major cities. On the highlands, the temperature is cooler and ranges from 16 C to 24 C. One can choose to escape the heat of the cities by going up the highlands, driving journey time ranges from 1 hour to 3 hours depending on which highland you go to.
Latitude and Longitude

Latitude of Kuala Lumpur is about 3 North of the Equator. Longitude of Kuala Lumpur is about 101 East.

Enjoy the sunshine throughout the year.
Time Zone

Malaysia has one standardised time zone which is Greenwich Mean Time + 8 hours.
Federation of Malaysia

Malaysia consists of 13 states and 3 federal territories. Peninsular Malaysia (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/malaysiamap.html#) consists of 11 states and 2 federal territories. The 11 states are Perlis, Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca, Johore, Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang. The 2 federal territories are Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia and Putrajaya, the federal administrative capital. East Malaysia consists of 2 states and 1 federal territories. The 2 states are Sabah and Sarawak. Labuan is the one and only federal territory in East Malaysia.

The 2006 population of Malaysia is estimated to be in the region of 26 millions.

There are still plenty of room to accommodate visitors.

The official language of Malaysia is the Malay Language. However, English language is widely spoken. Other languages and dialects used are Mandarin, Tamil, Hokkien and Cantonese.

In other words, you will not get lost in Malaysia.
Getting To Malaysia

The main gateway to Malaysia is through the international airports such as the KLIA, LCCT, Penang, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu and Langkawi.

If you are coming from Australia (http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/malaysiamap.html#), Cheap flights to Malaysia (http://www.travel.com.au/international-airfares/cheap-flights-to-malaysia) can be booked online especially during the off-peak season. Check also the prices of Cheap Flights (http://www.lastminute.com.au/flights) for Australia domestic and international travel.

Peninsular Malaysia


East Malaysia - Sabah and Sarawak


25-08-10, 11:15 AM
3D2N Pom Pom Island Diving Package @ Pom Pom Island Resort

http://cuti.com.my/cutinewsletter/images/booknow_1205.gif (http://cuti.com.my/tour/info.php?id=1873#top)

Pom Pom Island Resort (Hotel Info (http://cuti.com.my/hotel/info.php?id=3005))

3 Days/2 Nights Pom Pom Island Resort Diving Package


Room Type


Non Diver

Water Villa

RM 1898

RM 1323

Beach Villa

RM 1610

RM 1093

Hexa Villa (Beach Front)
Garden Villa (50m from beach)

RM 1495

RM 1035

Per Person

Per Person
Package includes :
- 2 Nights Accommodation for Twin or Triple or Quad sharing basis with attached bathroom
- Full Board meals
- Return transfer from Tawau Airport - Semporna Jetty by coach
- Return transfer from Semporna Jetty - Pom Pom Resort by boat
- Compliment Coffee, Tea & Juices are served all day in the restaurant

Diver Package includes:
- 3 boat dives daily for Diver package at Pom Pom Island & surrounding islands EXCEPT on arrival & departure day
- Use of tanks with air, weights and weight belt
- Subject to diving schedules & regulation set out by dive centre. Unused portion of the dives are not refundable and not transferable

- Due to weather conditions, the diving schedules are subject to change without prior notice & may be replaced by other surrounding destinations
- Dive package are subject to the diving schedules & regulations as set out by the dive centre

Sipadan Diving Trip:
- Sipadan Trip: On request only and subject to quota availability
- Sipadan Trip are subject to weather conditions and boat/dive guide availability. The company values guest safety as a paramount
- The quota allocation is controlled by Sabah Park (Local Authority Department). Therefore, there is NO GUARANTEE that we can obtain permits due to limited spaces especially if is a last minute request. In the event of bad weather and trip has to be cancelled or if the guest cancel on personal reason, permit paid is NOT refundable or transferable to a later date. The management will not be responsible for such losses rendered to the guests.

Boat Schedule :

Depart from Semporna

Arrive at Pom Pom Island

Proposed Flight



MH2121 BKI/TWU ETA: 0745hrs



MH2137 BKI/TWU ETA: 1400hrs

Depart from Pom Pom Island

Arrive at Semporna

Proposed Flight



MH2134 TWU/BKI ETD: 1440hrs



MH2665 TWU/BKI ETD: 1750hrs

Package effective from 1st November 2009 - 31st October 2010

http://cuti.com.my/cutinewsletter/images/booknow_1205.gif (http://cuti.com.my/tour/info.php?id=1873#top)

25-08-10, 11:16 AM
3D2N Mari-Mari Dive Lodge Mantanani Snorkeling Package (Ex-KK City Hotel)

http://cuti.com.my/cutinewsletter/images/booknow_1205.gif (http://cuti.com.my/tour/info.php?id=1782#top)

3 Days/2 Nights Mari-Mari Lodge Mantanani Snorkeling Package
Ex- Kota Kinabalu City Hotel

*Mantanani Kechil Island

Child (5-12 years old)
RM 790

RM 395
Non- Malaysian
RM 930

RM 465

Per Person

Per Child

[ ITINERARY (http://cuti.com.my/tour/info.php?id=1782#itinerary) ]
Package includes:
- 2 Nights Accommodation at Mari-Mari Dive Lodge
- 2 Breakfast, 2 Lunch & 2 Dinner
- Snorkeling (including snorkeling equipment)
- 2 way Land Transfer (Kota Kinabalu City Hotel - Kuala Abai Jetty)
- 2 way Boat Transfer (Kuala Abai Jetty - Mantanani Island)

Term & Conditions:

50% OFF the above Rates for Children (5-12years old)
FOC for Infants (1-4 years old)
The minimum age for a child to do diving is 12 years old and above.

Remarks :
- Sabah's agent will reserves the right to change the venue, cancel or postpone the tour if weather conditions do not permit for safety and comfort of the guests. Due to the logistic of the tour, Sabah's agent will closely monitor weather changes through the Sabah Meteorological Department and will reconfirm all tours booked 1 day in advance for any postponement or cancellations due to bad weather.
- All guests compulsory to fill up and sign the Liability Release form provided by the company prior to commencement of tour.
Boat Schedule:
• Kuala Abai Jetty - Mantanani Island - 9.30am
• Mantanani Island - Kuala Abai Jetty - 4.00pm

Package effective till 31st March 2011

25-08-10, 11:17 AM
2D1N Kuala Sepetang Floating Chalet Package

http://cuti.com.my/cutinewsletter/images/booknow_1205.gif (http://cuti.com.my/tour/info.php?id=1813#top)
2 Days/1 Night Kuala Sepetang Floating Chalet


Upper Chalet 4 person - Quad Sharing (2 Double Bed)
RM 168/person
Down Chalet 8 person - 8 sharing ( 4 Double Bed)
Minimum 10 person

[ ITINERARY (http://cuti.com.my/tour/info.php?id=1813#itinerary) ]
Package includes :
- 1 Night Accommodation
- 1 Breakfast, 1 Steamboat Dinner and 1 Supper
- 2 way boat transfer from Matang Mangrove Jetty to Kuala Sepetang Floating Chalet
Activities :
- Visit to Charcoal Factory
- Visit to Matang Mangrove Forest
- Boat cruise to Traditional Fishing Village
- Boat cruise to Salt Water Fish Farm
- Cockle Harvesting Area

Package Exclusive :
- All transport, optional items, personal expenses, travel insurance, sandal & towel for shower.
- Trip package are not include transport to Matang Mangrove Jetty

Term & Condition :
- Prior reservation is required. Deposit 50% upon reservation.
- Children below 5 years are free of charge.
- A list of guest information must be submit upon reservation.

Immediate effect until 31st December 2010

Day 1
0100 pm

- Visit to Charcoal Factory
- Visit to Matang Mangrove Forest
- Pick up at Matang Mangrove Jetty
- Boat cruise to Traditional Fishing Village
- Boat cruise to Salt Water Fish Farm
- Cockle Harvesting Area
- Steamboat dinner
- Supper

Day 2
0800 am
1100 am
1200 pm
1230 pm

- Breakfast time
- Pack Up
- Leave Floating Chalet
- Arrive Jetty

25-08-10, 11:20 AM
3D2N Perhentian Full Board Discovery @ Perhentian Island Resort

http://cuti.com.my/cutinewsletter/images/booknow_1205.gif (http://cuti.com.my/tour/info.php?id=1880#top)

Perhentian Island Resort (Hotel info (http://cuti.com.my/?f=hotel/info.php?id=1491))

3 Days/2 Nights Perhentian Discovery Fullboard Package
(Ex Kuala Besut Jetty)

Room Types



Extra Night

Surcharge on Eve & Public Holidays

April / May / June /


RM 436

RM 398

RM 218

RM 30/person


RM 458

RM 414

RM 229

Semi Suite

RM 501

RM 447

RM 251
r Person
Per Person

Per Person
Child (4-12 yrs old)

RM 215/child

Add RM 30/child

Additional Night

RM 108/child

Package Rate Excluding air ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bharu
Package includes:
- Welcome Drink
- 2 Nights Accommodation with Bathroom Attached at Perhentian Island Resort
- 2 Breakfasts
- 2 Lunches
- 2 Dinners
- 2 Ways Boat Transfer (Kuala Besut Jetty - Perhentian Island Besar)

- 2 Ways Land Transfer
- Marine Park Fees at RM 5/adult & RM 2/child


Additional Night includes: 1 Night Stay, 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
Child Rate for 4 - 12 Years only apply when sharing room with 2 Adults
Surcharge : RM 30/person on Eve & Malaysia Public Holidays

2 Ways Land Transfer: Kuala Terengganu Airport - Kuala Besut Jetty RM 170/person Wakaf Bharu Railway - Kuala Besut Jetty RM 90/person Kota Bharu Airport - Kuala Besut Jetty RM 80/person
Boat Transfer Kuala Besut Jetty to Perhentian Island 11:00am / 2:00pm Perhentian Island to Kuala Besut Jetty 8:00am / 12:00noon *The boat transfer is subject to weather conditions. The Resort is not liable for compensation due to weather changes.
**Remarks: Customer need to arrive at Kuala Besut Jetty 30 minutes before boat departure.

Validity till 30th September 2010

14-05-11, 03:32 PM
This hotel is located at RM16 Jalan Pantai Teluk Kemang Si Nusa, Port Dickson, Port Dickson, Malaysia 71050 . Having stayed here before to attend a conference last year, I decided to come back to Thistle to try it as a holidaying guest. The swimming pool is big and a favorite among the hotel guests. Unfortunately the service at the pool bar was dreadful as the sole waiter had to occasionally disappear into the hotel to retrieve materials to make cocktails as the pool bar was obviously ill-equipped. The beach side bar Cumulus was a nice evening spot where it had an infinity pool for us to dip while watching the sunset which was gorgeous. All in all the hotel was nice but not quite there. Next time I would most likely check into Avillion Hotel which looked a lot more promising. Hope this helps plan your holiday.

26-05-11, 02:28 PM
Just wondering anyone been to Gunung Ledang in Johor recently? The last time I visited this place was when I was a scout in my primary school. It was a memorable trip and I still remember how cold was the water in the pool.....thinking about it...I want to go back again.

26-05-11, 02:42 PM
Gunung Ledang

The legendary beauty of Mount Ophir (Gunung Ledang) has made it one of Johor's most popular attractions for hikers and birdwatchers. There two known ways of reaching the summit. One is from Sagil, a town in Johor, the other is through Asahan, Melaka. The shorter route is from Asahan. Gunung Ledang ( or Mount Ophir as it is otherwise better known ) is the most visited mountain in Malaysia. It is not peculiar to find people who has climb the mountain more than 10 times.

The reason being, the place is easily accessible and suitable for beginners who wants to feel what mountains in Malaysia are really like. Some groups are using this mountain as a training ground for other challenging venues. The Ledang trail starts from Gunung Ledang resort, near Sagil village is close to the Malacca and Johor border. The other way of reaching the summit is through Asahan trail in Melaka, an easier route. The paved road starts besides the river leading and leads towards a few staircases till an open gate, where the real climbing begins.

If you want to trek up Gunung Ledang, it's about five hours to the summit from the park. Alternatively, one can arrange a 4WD transfer for a quick and easier trip which interestingly, offers an equally beautiful view of the surrounding Sagil area and a breathtaking sight of Gunung Ledang Dam.

Gunung Ledang is believed to have the richest flora species in the world. It has a 50 metres high waterfall with a wide drop of 50 metres. It has icy cool waters charge down upon large boulders, then break into rushing rapids before plugging into the large sandy pool below. This waterfall, discovered some 50 years ago, is name the "Puteri Waterfalls"
Over the period it has witnessed thousands of tourists almost every week, picnicking, backpacking or just bathing in the refreshing water of the pool.
You'll see giant butterflies, brightly coloured spiders amidst wild tropical flowers of bright yellow, crimson and orange.

Crickets and frogs singing song of the jungle, chirping sounds of birds become the music of this tropical wonderland. The summit was just beyond the boulders. There's a flat ground revealed at the summit of Gunung Ledang at 4187ft. Wide and flat, mystical and lovely. I can get a panoramic view of Segamat and Jementah town of Johor, and the historical Melaka.

According to the legend, the princess was of slim build and medium height and had a stunning beauty. Further, she was also endowed with a sinuous movement, that accentuated every curve of her little body. Men were naturally attracted to her but amongst the many, she was claimed to have spurned was the Sultan of Melaka.
The legend tells us, that the princess eventually married one Nakhoda Ragam, a hero whose name unfailingly struck terror into the hearts of those, who had dared to oppose him. But this hero was later to die at the hands of his princess-wife.
Ragam was found of tickling the Princess's ribs and one day, in an uncontrollable burst of reaction. The Princess stabbed her husband in the breast with a needle she was handling. Therefore the Princess returned to Mount Ophir and vowed never to set eyes on another man. Ragam's boat, not long after, was crushed during a storm and legend tells us that the debris of the wreck transformed into the present six islands off Melaka.

Height: 1276 meters (Highest in Johor State)
Location: Asahan, Melaka
Summit temperature: 10-20 degrees Celsius

30-05-11, 03:22 PM
one of you (or more) must be a tour agent....

30-05-11, 03:55 PM
one of you (or more) must be a tour agent....

that one I don't know....but most of them are season traveler.....covering almost every part of the world!

11-10-11, 07:37 PM
Cuti skolah semakin hampir, ada package2 terkini?

18-10-11, 09:03 AM
kalau nak stay kat avillion hotel tu, aku suggest book online sebab dia ada few packages. cam recently aku beli pakej kiddies treat harga rm800 camtu. untuk 3d2n. breakfast untuk 2 adult dan 2 kids. kids siap dapat macam macam voucher complimentary lagi. bilik pulak. besar dengan 1 king size postur bed plus day bed. yang bila aku kira kira boleh muat 4 dewasa dengan selesa. ada 2 pool adult dan 1 kids pool. private beach perggghhh... romantik. activities banyak macam kelas memasak untuk kids, layan movie free dll...

18-10-11, 09:08 AM
tips pasal hotel pulak...

bergantung pada bajet pada masa nak jalan tu.
aku almost tiap bulan pergi holiday. so bila holiday tu kalau untuk celebrate big day i.e. birthday aku pilih hotel 4* ke atas. tapi kalau holiday biasa aku cari 3* je.
bila nak book aku biasanya masuk website hotel tu dulu. kalau dia ada loyalty club membership then aku apply terus lar. banyak kelebihan bila dah jadi member ni. VIP treatment beb.
so far aku member untuk hard rock hotel, park royal, le meridien, holiday inn/villa, sutera harbour

19-10-11, 10:58 PM
kalau nak stay kat avillion hotel tu, aku suggest book online sebab dia ada few packages. cam recently aku beli pakej kiddies treat harga rm800 camtu. untuk 3d2n. breakfast untuk 2 adult dan 2 kids. kids siap dapat macam macam voucher complimentary lagi. bilik pulak. besar dengan 1 king size postur bed plus day bed. yang bila aku kira kira boleh muat 4 dewasa dengan selesa. ada 2 pool adult dan 1 kids pool. private beach perggghhh... romantik. activities banyak macam kelas memasak untuk kids, layan movie free dll...

dari avillion aku suggest korang check out lexis resort.. water chalet.. best jugak.. aku rasa lagi murah compare dgn avillion.. rsort ni dulu tak silap aku dia panggil Legend Resort.. skrg dah tukar nama..

20-10-11, 12:00 PM
lexis resort ni pun aku dah try. ada satu type bilik ni yang siap attach dengan private swimming pool. cuma kawasan surrounding dan pantai yang tak menarik lar kat lexis ni. pada pandangan aku.